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Orbera Gastric Balloon

We are now introducing the ORBERA GASTRIC BALLOON With this new, innovative and soon to be the first FDA approved gastric balloon for non-surgical weight loss, your weight loss goal can be easily achieved within 2-6 months and also maintained for the long term. We offer free consultations for this new ...

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Diet and Weight Loss

Healthy eating and consistent exercise are both important components of maintaining a healthy weight. Our practice will educate you on the simple steps that you need to take with exercise and eating behaviors to be successful with the LapBand procedure.

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LAP-BAND Success Stories

If you have LapBand surgery and follow the simple rules of healthy eating and exercise, you will loose an average of 8-10 pounds per month until you reach your goal weight! Read the LapBand success stories.

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BMI Calculator

Do you know your BMI? Use our easy online BMI calculator to determine if the LAP-BAND Procedure is right for you!

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Daily Seminars

We hold very informative seminars daily in conjunction with our monthly support group meetings. For information about our practice, daily seminars, free consultations, and our monthly support group meetings, please call us at 1-800-GBC-7103 or 1-800-422-7103.

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Welcome to Lap-Band San Diego

Located in San Diego, the Gastric Banding Medical Group is largest and most experienced outpatient gastric banding medical practice in California (CA). Lap-Band System for appetite suppression when conservative treatments have failed. Safer than gastric bypass surgery the LAP-BAND® System is the least invasive and safest bariatric surgical procedure available. Learn about the Lap-Band System procedure and important weight loss tips including how to calculate your Body Mass Index or BMI; the indications for lap-band surgery, a comparison of other types of weight loss surgery to the Lap-Band System procedure; and how and what you should eat afterwards. Use our BMI calculator to see if you qualify for the Lap-Band surgery. Learn about Diets & Weight Loss, Sports & Fitness, statistics related to obesity and being overweight, and Lap-Band surgery as a cure for diabetes. See answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Read success stories or watch a video about others who have had the Lap-Band system procedure . Read articles published in USA Today and the Los Angeles Times, and see what has been published in medical journals about the adjustable and reversible gastric band. Watch a video about the Lap-Band System and how it works; a 60-Minute Interview on the Gastric Band; and see both an animated and a live surgery. The Gastric Banding Medical Group located in San Diego County offers daily seminars about the Lap-Band system procedure. Gastric Banding Center: For information on the #1 implantable weight loss device in the world. Please contact us today.

Diet & Exercise

LAP-BAND San Diego Diet and Weight Loss
What it means to be over weight, how to manage your weight, and how to lose weight, is what we want to know. How you chose to loose weight needs to be an informed decision.

Lap-Band Success Stories

Lap-Band Before and After Success Stories
I felt the gastric bypass was too drastic a surgey, but when I heard about the LAP-BAND, I knew immediately it was perfect…  More Success Stories

What's Your BMI

What to find out what your BMI is and if you qualify for the Lab-Band procedure? Check your BMI today and find out if you are a good candidate for LAP-BAND Procedure.

Daily Seminars

LAP-BAND Surgery Seminars San Diego
Get your questions answered and to talk with patients who have already undergone the procedure. Feel free to bring a friend or family member. This is an educational experience for any prospective patient. Get more info.